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Are you looking to take a break from the monotony of everyday life? Would you like to go on a heart racing, adrenaline pumping experience? Well, sometimes all you need in life is a little adventure. Here’s a list of 4 thrilling adventure activities that you must do on your next vacation!

Get ready to spice up your life with a little adventure!

  1. Go Speed Racing in Singapore

flights to laAre you a speed Junkie? Would you like to live a day like an F1 racer? Well, get ready to go on a turbo-charged drive on the racetracks of Singapore. You can drive fancy, and exotic sports cars like Ferrari and Lamborghini. Race a few laps on Singapore’s Formula One Racing Track, or cruise around with your friends. 

You can even rent sportscars during your trip to Singapore. However, you cannot go racing on Singapore roads, and don’t even think of participating in illegal races, or even crossing the speed limit – Singapore is notorious for its rigid traffic laws. You’ll get deported from the country, and forever end up ruining your passport.

The best way to experience the thrill of racing is to pay a visit to the Singapore F1 Racing Track. Give wings to your racing dreams with Frontier Airlines. Get ready to go wild racing in Singapore on your next vacation!

  1. Go Volcano Trekking in the Dark

flight and hotelBelieve it or not – you can trek all way from Java to Bali in Indonesia inside an inactive volcano. The Volcano trek is different from anything you’ve experienced before. You’ll find yourself sliding deep inside the volcano’s crater with darkness engulfing you from every corner. But don’t be scared, as long as you go with the experienced guide and don’t try anything funny – you’ll have a safe and memorable time. Trekking inside a volcano is a lifetime experience. We definitely recommend that you go Volcano trekking when in Indonesia. Experience some real thrill, and adventure.

You’ll have Goosebumps the entire time you’re in the Volcano. All you got to is a book a ticket to Indonesia with Frontier Airlines and you’re set to go on your adventure.

  1. Scooba Scooter Riding in Mauritius

flights to mexicoYou might have heard about, or even tried Scooba Diving, or Snorkeling.  But there’s a unique, and interesting adventure activity on the rise – Scooba Scooter Riding. When you visit Mauritius, you can go ride a Scooter in deep recesses of the clear blue sea. Scooba Scooter riding is gaining popularity, and we definitely recommend you to try it.

Driving a Scooter under-water is a completely different experience, from riding a scooter on the roads. The marine life will absorb you into itself, as you ride around the seafloors.

So, don’t delay anymore. Get ready to go on your Scooba Scooter Adventure. Book with Frontier Airlines to get the best prices on flights to Mauritius.

  1. Ostrich Riding in Oudtshoorn

For most people riding a horse, or a sports car is thrilling and adventurous – but imaging going on Ostrich ride! Sounds outrageous? Well, this is for real. You can go Ostrich Riding in Outdshoorn, located in Cango Valey. It is quite an exciting and wild experience. You can even go on an ostrich safari, and get to witness Ostriches of all ages and various breeds. However, Ostrich’s run quite fast, and it is not something you can just go and for fun. You need to be properly dressed, trained and equipped to handle an Ostrich. The bird is known to be wild, and sassy. Are you excited? Well, if so – get ready to fly to South Africa with Frontier Airlines and go on a wild-wild Ostrich run!

If you find it hard to make travel plans or find budgeting, booking, and planning overwhelming – we have good news for you. You can now book entire vacation packages with Frontier Airlines. If you wish to go on a thrilling adventure, grab a pre-made adventure pack, or get one tailored to your needs!

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