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An extravagant 72 Hours of raving in Puerto Plata- Call on Air Canada Number!

Are you exhausted of your daily life routine? Do you also feel the need of taking a break?

Fly to Puerto Plata!

And here’s why?

Puerto Plata is a fascinating destination with two-sides, one known for its ultimate relaxation and cocktails, and another beloved by the insomniac junkies for its raving nightlife.

Read these incredible facts about the nightlife in Puerto Plata, prior to hitting this destination.

  • Casino action dominates the nights in Puerto Plata.

Yes, this is the first point. But wait till you get excited.

  • The cabaret shows with gorgeous dancers add to its amazing charm.
  • Get your dance moves on at the most amazing partying hubs in Puerto Plata. Your nerve actions will definitely be boosted here.

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But wait there’s more to Puerto Plata then its raving nightlife. Keep reading for more!

DAY 1- Get Fascinated by the beauty in Puerto Plata

  1. Big Lee’s Beach Bar- The perfect blend of beach and a bar

Air Canada Phone NumberGet refreshed by the fresh ocean breeze and soak yourself in the stunning sunset while watching the locals surfboards or fly their kites in ecstasy. This spot is literally a must-visit spot in Puerto Plata.

You can enjoy their really delicious hamburgers and grilled cheese, or get drowned at their amazing bar and try some of the most exotic drinks.

Enjoy their mix of enthralling music and meet new travelers to make your trip even more memorable.

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  1.  Visit San Juan- The incredible town of intense modern energy!

Air Canada NumberThis amazing town has a perfect balance of a modern vibe and with bonafide historical roots, and is one of the oldest settlements in the Americas. And the neighborhoods here are to-die-for, it’s filled with unbelievable restaurants, galleries, and several shopping stores and boutiques to shop from.

If you get pulled down by the nightlife in Puerto Plata, then come here and grab some air!

With these two things, you can wrap up your first day in Puerto Plata and wait up for a new fresh day to indulge in other exciting activities.

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DAY 2- Grab only the best in your next 24 hours in Puerto Plata

  1. Rio Camuy Caves

Air Canada dealsStart your day by exploring the coolest and largest cave in the entire world. Trust me, you wouldn’t regret getting up early to see what really spelunking was meant to be!

  1. Explore the gems of Puerto Plata- Culebra and Vieques

Air Canada PhoneYour trip to Puerto Plata will be incomplete without a visit to Culebra and Vieques. Here, you will be stunned by the completely laid-back atmosphere.

If you are visiting Puerto Plata this season, then do not miss out on exploring these spectacular gems for a glorifying experience.

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  1. Hit your night at Lust Afterwork

Air Canada reservationGet your night settled at Lust Afterwork, for the best cocktails in the city. Groove yourself with amazing music, and enjoy their exclusive cocktails and beers at whopping prices.

And wait, stay a while, the musicians here will definitely win your heart!

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Day 3- Time to leave, but wait, you can explore more!

  1. Spend a delightful morning at the Cofresi Beach

Air Canada reservationsYour last day is meant to be memorable in Puerto Plata. So visit Cofresi Beach and relax among its gold-stretched sand, or try swimming to cool your nerves down.

Moreover, if you have a late night or next day morning flight, then do not hesitate to spend your entire night here by setting a camp on this heavenly beach.

Come back and let us know if this experience was worth your time.

  • If you are up for other explorations, then we also have a list prepared for your 72 hours trip to Puerto Plata-
  • Ocean World Adventure Park, Marina, and Casino
  • Cabarete
  • Damajacua Cascades
  • Fort San Felipe

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Create lifetime memories. Plan your trip today!

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