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Quirky Restaurants and Cafes to Visit in Singapore

Singapore is high on its diversity in cuisines, and we already know that Singapore is not short on unique dining choices. If you are a foodie who loves to explore cuisines then Singapore can be your new favorite destination to be vacationing at. Singaporean cuisines are a total delight and you can believe me with this because even the local food at hawker centers are constantly seen crowded at all times of the day. And all food explorers visiting Singapore will agree on the fact that the food here is unique and perfect to fulfill all your food fantasies.

If you wish to get adventurous with food then come try our recommended list of restaurants and cafes that will only satisfy you with incredible foodgasms.

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  1. Escape the City Hustle by Visiting Stewords Riverboat, Marina Ray

Southwest AirlinesThis three-decked restaurant is a replica of the Mississippi steamboats of the 1800s. Already sounds exciting? Wait, until you hear about the incredible dine onboard experience of this restaurant. While dining at the Stewords Restaurant, you will be able to capture all the mesmerizing view of the sea and feel that sweet breeze of air right on your face.

And yes, if you are thinking about a romantic getaway, then this place is just the spot for you.

  1. Enjoy Premium Sushi at the Sushi Airways

Southwest Airlines dealsThis air-flight inspired restaurant offers some of the best sushi in all across the country. The sushi is made from highly fresh ingredients that are bought four times in a week for the best-assorted sushi platter. Here, they offer you food with uncompromised quality. A guaranteed must-visit for all the tourists.

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  1. Feast at the Andsoforth

Southwest Airlines reservationIf you are looking for an outrageous dining experience, then gather some friends and indulge in some of the most delicious food offered at Andsoforth. This pop-culture inspired restaurant goes an extra mile with impressive theatre and play performances to provide you with the best night of your life. Andsoforth is such a starstruck place that you will literally have to make online reservations to feast in this restaurant.

Andsoforth is such a must-visit place, and trust me, they will go beyond your imagination with their impressive services.

  1. Gudetama is the place to enjoy your breakfast

Southwest Airlines reservationsThis quirky restaurant in Singapore has literally taken its theme to a whole new level by shaping even their chairs after hard boiled eggs. Gudetama fans adore their decor and theme, and its uniquely crafted design has attracted a lot of tourists into the restaurant. Not only is the aesthetic of the restaurant vibrant, but even their food options are highly appreciated.

In case, you are looking for an Instagram friendly restaurant, then here, we found the place for you.

  1. Platform 1094- A place for the Potter Heads

Southwest Airlines phone numberThis restaurant is uniquely designed and completely inspired by the popular Harry Potter franchise. You will vibe the magic in its ambiance, and this is what makes it even more popular. Even the walls and the ceilings with warm lighting will remind of the dining hall at Hogwarts.

Tag along with some friends and snap some photos to make you this dining experience a memorable one.

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  1. The Coastal Settlement

Southwest Airlines contact numberIf you are a person who enjoys retro vibes come to experience the best of it in the Coastal Settlement. The most beautiful thing about this place is that it’s located in the midst of several trees and greenery, which makes it the perfect spot to attain serenity. The food here is delightful, and among all the retro items, you will be bound to reminisce all the good old memories of your time.

  1. Enjoy an extravagant dining experience at Singapore Flyer

Southwest Airlines promo codeImagine dining on an observation wheel offering you a breathtaking view of the city. Amazing, right? You will be simply amazed by the beauty of this incredible restaurant, and the food is to die for, and you won’t know until you try it for yourself.

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  1. Annalakshmi-Enjoy home-cooked Indian Food

Southwest Airlines packagesIt’s a buffet place offering you will all you can eat options. If you are a fan of Indian cuisine, then dine on several popular Indian dishes such as – biryani, poori, vegetable stew, delicious curries and a lot more.

Fill your tummy with extremely delicious food in Singapore. Try food from the streets, restaurants or cafes, no matter wherever you go. It’s our assurance that the food will be delicious.

So hurry up now! Don’t wait, Get your foodie spirit going in Singapore.

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