Did you Know? 5 Crazy Facts about California

California, popularly called the Golden State, is a world popular tourist destination attracting travelers from all parts of the globe. There are hundreds of interesting places to visit and things to do in California.

A little google search will show you endless lists of things to do in California. From a visit to the Alcatraz Prison to Wine tasting in Nappa, there are plenty of things to do in California.

If you’re planning to visit the Golden State, here are some interesting facts about the state that even locals aren’t aware of:

  1. Why California is called the Golden State?

cheap_airticketsCalifornia got its nickname from the discovery of gold in 1848. It is believed that the state began its modern development in that year. Another unique thing is that Golden Poppies can be seen flourishing every spring in California.

Plane tickets to California, especially on domestic routes, are quite cheap. So, if you’re already within the US, you should definitely pay a visit to the Golden City

  1. There’s a Town in California called Cool

cheap_flightsFormerly known as Cave Valley, Cool is a small town located in California with a population of just 4,100. There’s also another uniquely named town in Cali – Squabbletown.

  1. Grizzly Bear is California’s State Animal and its Extinct

book_air_ticketsCalifornian Grizzly Bear was a big furry bear which became the official animal of California in 1846. It was first floated on a flag of the short-lived California Republic. The bear is admired for its magnificent beauty, size, and strength. Sadly, there are no more California Grizzly Bears in existence anymore. The government tried very hard to save this beautiful animal, but, unfortunately, couldn’t succeed in doing so.

  1. LSD used to be legal in California

air_packagesThere was a time when LSD was a legal recreational drug in California and was sold openly in stores. However, things changed in 1966. New laws were introduced which declared LSD illegal.

Despite the ban, LSD use is flourishing in California, with most users being teens and young adults. However, the good news for recreational users is that the marijuana ban has been lifted in California. So, all you tokers can grab plane tickets to California and go green here.

  1. There are more Latinos than Whites in California

california_packageSurprisingly, the number of Latino people has surpassed the White population in the state. Looks like California is truly multi-cultural. It is even called a “minority-majority” state since more than 26% of the population was born outside the US, and 58% of the population comprises of Asians, Hispanics, and other groups. With such diversity, its hard to give a distinct identity to California. There are no major ethnicities. Everyone is friendly, warm and live in harmony. If you’re looking to immigrate to the US, buy plane tickets to California and get going.

  1. Ladies Nights’ are Banned in California

californiaCalifornian Government finds Ladies Nights’ to be gender discriminatory. No special privileges are offered to women in bars, and clubs in California. All genders are treated the same. If you’re a woman coming here to party, think twice before buying plane tickets to California.

 What’re you waiting for? California is where you should be heading. The state where the American dream is still alive and breathing. Cali offers a lot to tourists, there are just so many things to do in the state, that you’ll have paid several visits to true experience in California. Grab plane tickets to California, and begin exploring today.

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