The Most Unique Food Joints in Amsterdam

The Amsterdam food scene is totally crazy, just like the city itself. You’ll find hip restaurants, and cafes serving foods from all over the world.

From restaurants serving local Thai cuisines, to progressive cafes with burgers named after Drag queens – the city’s food scene is unique, distinct and simply amazing.

But there are 3 Food joints that stand out from the rest. So, the next time you get Airline tickets to Amsterdam, make sure you check these out!

The Drag Queen Burger Bar

allegiant_flightsAmong the more progressive food joints in Amsterdam – The Getto – is a food joint that offers burgers and liqueur in a very unique way. Every burger at Getto has been named after the drag queens who regularly perform at the bar. Getto considers itself an “attitude-free zone” that is open for all, irrespective of their sexual orientations.

The burgers at the bar are quite delicious, and the cocktails are mixed in unique ways by well-trained bartenders. The Getto has a cool, relaxing vibe, and is a great place to chill with friends, or even meet new people. If you’re planning to visit the Drag queen burger bar, do try the Jolly Veaux Beef Burger, and the Molly Polly Pork Burger which is served with grilled courgetti and tzatziki. The Dutch Jenevir liqueur is a must-try here.

When you book airline tickets to Amsterdam, definitely check out the Drag Queen Burger Bar – one of the most progressive burger joints in the world.

 The Sawaddee Ka

flights_to_atlantaAmsterdam, and Thailand – both rank among the craziest party places in the world. So, its no surprise, that you’ll find a plenty of Thai restaurants, and cafes in Amsterdam. What’s special about Sawaddee Ka is that it offers mouthwatering Thai cuisines, at pocket-friendly rates.

 Most tourists come here to have a meal before they go clubbing. What can be cooler than having a Thai meal and going batshit crazy at a club. Located near Leidseplein, the Sawaddee Ka is open everyday from 4 PM to 11 PM.  You can find almost every Thai cuisine here, from noodles to soups and even the popular Neua Phad Namman Hoi: A Beef soup in oyster sauce coupled with broccoli, cabbages, and mushrooms. Grab airline tickets to Amsterdam, and come experience real Thai Cuisine in the party capital of Europe.

Del Zotte: For the Love of Good Ol’ Beer

cheap_flights_to_hawaiiThe Del Zotte is a paradise for beer lovers. Exotic beers, and dancers go hand-in-hand at this beer bar. You can get beer on the tap or from a bottle, whatever works for you.

The place has a super chill vibe, and is a great place to visit with your mates. The place has a simple menu that caters to both non-vegetarians and vegetarians. Pepper Steaks with mushroom sauce and bobby cheese is a must try.

Airline Tickets to Amsterdam aren’t all that expensive, particularly if you’re visiting from The States. If you’re planning a trip to Amsterdam from within the Europe, well, consider yourself lucky, you can grab airline tickets at a ridiculously low price.

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