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Pick These Amazing Hill Stations in Switzerland For This Long Weekend

The very idea of heaven on earth must have been derived from a landscape not far from Switzerland. The glaciers and the mountain tops, the ski routes and snow powders, it all contributes to making Switzerland one of the popular destinations on earth.

 Watch the breath-taking view of the snow-coated mountains by booking a cheap flight to these amazing hill stations in Switzerland.  Book cheap hotels in Switzerland which are a luxury honeymooning dream.

Switzerland has reached to its elite status in the run for a vacationing spot for a weekend and all the credits go the mountain peaks that are blissfully pretty and deservingly celebrated by hikers and skiers. White and greens interspersed along with browns and reds, with each ascent you get a prettier view

 Visit one of the Swiss charms- Stanserhorn

cheap ticketsThis place is absolutely gentle with an ascending mountain where the wind blows softly and your hair goes adrift. You see the change in the landscape beneath you that changes with every passing second. You pass by the cozy chalets and the earthy cows and the daisies are beautiful. Prepare yourself for a dazzling splash of snow by booking a cheap flight. This would make you fly high on a cable car with an upper deck and a revolving restaurant. From here you get a fantastic view of Lake Lucerne.

 Visit the Swiss Alps with your beloved at Gornergrat

cheap air dealsThis one in the Swiss Alps is a magnificence sitting at 3089 m and also happens to claim the fame of the most popular excursion site in Switzerland. And the reason behind its growing popularity is the view of 29 peaks, as high as 4000 m, which you will get to experience on a trip to this Swiss Hill Station Gornergrat. You will experience the intimidating Matterhorn by booking a cheap flight to Switzerland.

If you love hiking then Kleine Scheidegg is the place for you

cheap packagesThis one is preferable for the experienced hikers generally who go around the Bernese Oberland region and they go all the way to the Jungfraujoch, the peak of Europe the highest that you can reach in this part of the world. If you want a panoramic experience on the trip, go for Kleine Scheidegg. If you pick this one you get to see the best views of the North face of Mount Eiger, a giant at heart.

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