How to Travel on a Low Budget?

Everyone dreams of Traveling. But not many people are able to make their traveling dreams a reality.
People have all sorts of reasons for not traveling abroad. The most prominent of them all is – ‘I just can’t afford it. It’s too expensive’
Well, if you feel that lack of money is stopping you from traveling abroad, we’re here to help you.
With these simple tips, you can not only reduce your traveling expenses, and started on your travel adventure.

1. Eat Street Food as Much as Possible

Cheap_Hotels_usskywingsStreet Food is affordable and gives you a real taste of the local flavors. When you’re traveling abroad, you can save quite a lot of money by avoiding expensive restaurants, and eating the local street food instead. Sometimes, you can get an entire meal for as low as $2!
If you find cheap hotels to stay at, and eat basic food – you can really go on an entire trip at a really low price.

2. Stay at a Backpacking Hostel

Cheap_Hotels_usskywingsAccommodation is one of the biggest expenses when you’re in a foreign country. Hotel rooms, though luxurious, can burn a hole in your pocket, and mess up your entire traveling budget. A great way to save money while traveling is to stay in a backpacking hostel as often as you can. You have no idea how many interesting tourists you can meet while staying at a backpacking hostel.
The rooms may be small, and you may face minor inconveniences, but these hostels really offer the best bang for the money. Cheap Hotels aren’t easy to find, that’s why it’s better to prefer Backpacking hostels.

3. Always Use Public Transport

Cheap_Hotels_usskywingsPublic Transport is the cheapest way to move from one point to another. Bus passes, metro passes should be your best friends when traveling on a tight budget. Only use taxies for emergency situations. Taxi drivers have earned a bad reputation for exploiting foreigners and grossly overcharging them. However, the benefit of getting a taxi from the airport is that most drivers know cheap hotels to stay at, and can guide you there.

4. Take up Volunteering

Cheap_Hotels_usskywingsAnother way you can travel on a tight budget is to take up volunteering work wherever you go. The benefit of volunteering is that it gives you a good opportunity to mingle with local culture, and you might even get cheap hotels for stay and food in exchange.
Simply, Google volunteering work in any destination you wish to go and apply for an opportunity that suits you best.

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