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Our Recommendations to Famous Eating Places in Mexico

Mexico is a city that has the world’s most exciting cuisines and its gastronomical identity surely offers a ton of comprehensive options to eat. You cannot just simply enter the city without getting awed by the amount of nostalgic food offered by the place. Anybody who visits Mexico considers that the food here to be the best worldwide, and you definitely cannot miss the lanes without salivating over the freshly made street food.

If you ever visit Mexico then make sure to check these restaurants that are specially curated for you so that you can have the best culinary experience of your life.

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  1. Experience popular Mexican cuisines at Pujol

Alaska AirPujol is owned by one of the most eccentric chef’s in the world, Enrique Olvera. The restaurant serves delicious cuisines that are made from traditional deconstructed recipes. The food here is cooked with love and fresh ingredients, and this is what makes this restaurant so popular among the locals and tourists in Mexico.

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  1. Visit Super Tacos Chupacabra

Alaska Airlines dealsIf you want to experience the delightful taste of pitch-perfect tacos, then this is the place for you. You can even customize your order here and add more salsa along with your food. This place is even more delightful during the night and the cultural life around is simply amazing.

Visiting this place is a must if you are a person who enjoys the ecstatic nightlife.

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  1. Experience the best barbeques at the El Hidalgense

Alaska Airlines phoneThis place serves one of the city’s finest barbeques but is only open from Friday to Saturday. So, plan well. The meat is delicious and tender on its own, but still, somehow they manage to make it even more delicious by serving it with blue-corn tortillas, limes, onions, herbs, and even radish. Having this is a complete delight, and to experience this you need to taste it firsthand.

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  1. Cantina El Sella

Alaska Airlines phone numberOMG! Yes, that’s the first word that will pop out of your mouth when you try the extremely delicious meat at Cantina El Sella. Make sure that you go empty stomach so that you can gobble your way out for the best ever food experience in Mexico.

  1. Try the best 10-course meal at Quintonil

Alaska Airlines contact numberIf you wish to try anything that’s different than authentic Mexican food, then come to Quintonil. This restaurant stands to represent a new wave in Mexican cooking, making their customers enjoy their dining experience to the best. The food and desserts in the restaurant shine brightly with amazing ingredients indigenous to Mexico.

Give this restaurant a try, and make your dining a worthwhile experience at Quintonil.

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  1. The heaven for a seafood fan, La Docena

Alaska Airlines bookingSeafood is one food that’s best judged by its freshness, and here at La Docena, that’s all that you get. The fresh octopus tostadas, the raw clams, aquachiles with house-made aioli are enough to make anybody happy. And the French fries here are some of the best fries in the world.

Give it a try!

  1. Experience freshness at Maximo Bistrot

Alaska Airlines booking numberYour wish to eat the best of any season will be fulfilled here. The menu at Maximo Bistrot changes frequently with the change in season, thereby making food highly fresh and delicious.

Enjoy dining in this truly delightful farm-to-table restaurant.

  1. Mog Bistro

Alaska Airlines customer serviceIf you are looking to experiment a little with your taste buds, then Mog Bistro is the place that you should first visit during your stay in Mexico. This is a truly pan-Asian bistro featuring Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian and Vietnamese cuisines. The food here is explosively delicious and after just one visit you will be in awe with the food in Mog Bistro.

The food here is highly affordable and worth all your money.

Now that you have your own list of must-try dishes in Mexico, then why wait? Savour in the delicious delights that Mexico has to offer you. And make your experience even more memorable with Alaska Airlines.

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