A Journey into East Asia: 4 Places to See in Japan

Japan is a very unique destination. We consider it a country of contrasts. One on hand you see, hip Asian youngsters flashing their western wardrobes, and on the other you see, men and women dressed in traditional Japanese attire and Kimonos.

You’ll literally get see the best of both worlds in Japan – Concrete cyberpunk skyscrapers and ancient villages with wooden inns. The country is full of interesting, beautiful and unique places and activities. And what’s better? Flights to Japan are affordable, and budget-friendly.

There’s simply so much too much to do see and do in Japan. If you’re planning trip a to Japan, and are confused of where to go and what to do, we’re here to help.

Pay your Respects at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Hiroshima was completely annihilated during the world war 2. Thousands of innocents died in the attack. As a tribute to those who suffered, an atomic bomb tomb has been set up inside Hiroshima’s Peace Memorial Museum. You can visit the tomb, and explore the city as well. It’s amazing how Hiroshima rebuilt itself at such a quick pace. Most Flights to Japan travel through Hiroshima, so you might as well start your journey from here. 

The Hall of Buddha in Nara

flight_tickets_usskywings.comNara is the go-to place for those interested in Japanese History and East Asian Culture. A former capital of Japan, Nara is now recognized as a UNESO world heritage site, and is a big-time tourist attraction. The city is full ancient temples, relics, and there’s even a wild deer park. 

The Hall of Buddha, located in Nara, is the largest wooden structure in the world. Inside the hall, stands tall, a breathtaking 15-meter tall gold statue of Buddha.

The Ancient Village of Tsumago

cheap_plane-tickets_usskywings.comDo you wish to experience real  East Asian culture? Pay a visit the mountain village of Tsumago. Located in the Kiso Valley, the village has all the appeal and beauty of traditional Japanese villages.

Tsumago is more than 500 years old, which is evident from the villages old yet well-preserved wooden inns and rural roadways. There is even a 2- hour hiking trail for those looking for a little adventure. The next time you book flights to Japan, don’t forget to check out Tsumago – it’ll make for a lifetime experience.

Catch a Glimpse of Mount Fuji from Hakone

cheap_usskywings.comMount Fuji is the most popular tourist attractions in Japan. The Mount has featured in many movies, sit-coms and even video games.

Mount Fuji mostly lies hidden behind clouds, and it can be hard to get a glimpse of the mountain. From our research, the best place to view the mountain is from Lake Ashi, or from a cable car.
Mount Fuji is better visible in the summer, so book your flights to Japan accordingly.

There’s a lot more to do in Hakone as well, such as soaking in an Onsen, eating a black egg, stay at traditional inns and visit the Hakone Open Air Museum.
What’re you waiting for? Book flights to Japan, and start your journey into East Asian Culture today.

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