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Top 5 Couple-Friendly Spots to Explore in Gold Coast – Australia

The most romantic destination in the world awaits you with the promise of an incredible romantic getaway. Whether you are a newly fallen in love couple, or a married couple looking to go past their personal troubles, or a couple who is now celebrating a milestone of their relationship.

The majestic Gold Coast is often known as the perfect spot of vacation for families as well as couples. It has several prime attractions or any romantic getaway. You can explore awesome eateries and have epic road trips that you will remember forever in life.

Trust me when I say this that the Gold Coast has everything that you and your partner need for the perfect getaway.

Now, without much discussion let’s jump directly to the Top 5 Couple-Friendly Spots to visit in Gold Coast.

  1. Start High by Going Surfing on the High Waves

air new zealand reservationHone your surfing skills, and try surfing with your lover. Activities as such are always known to boost the love between you and your lover. Moreover, you will never find a place like the Gold Coast for surfing. But, adventure without caution can be quite dangerous so pick a guide for the both of you and get trained like a pro surfer.

Main Beach

-Surfers Paradise

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  1. Explore the Beauty at the Skypoint Observational Deck

air new zealand reservations numberThis beachside is one of the most famous attractions on the Gold Coast. It is literally the most ideal location for tourists to experience an unforgettable Gold Coast shimmering skyline. The day time is great, but during the nighttime, it’s even more perfect as the deck transforms into a glorious high altitude chic lounge bar with amazing music to groove into.

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  1. Head for a Wine Tasting Tour at the Mt Tambourine

air new zealand reservation numberYou and your partner can savor into a selection of Queensland’s award-winning wines that are carefully crafted to suit your taste. Along with the wine they also include cheese and decadent fudge to tempt your taste buds. Head here and indulge into some of the best couple activities to do in Gold Coast. 

  1. Set a Nightfall Camp at the Lamington National Park

air new zealand flightsHead for exciting camping in the secluded wilderness of Lamington National Park. Imagine the time that you will have here with a luxurious tent setting, a rotating fireplace, and a beautiful vintage bath. As a couple, you will be more than happy to spend your time here.

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  1. Fall in Love with the Heights with a Gold Coast Sky Dive

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Yes. Great skydiving at the Gold Coast is the best option for you. Take your love to the next level by skydiving till you fall at the beautiful and absolutely pristine Kirra Beach.

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More Lover-Like-Things to Do in Gold Coast

  1. Pick up some delicious chocolates at the Sanctuary Cove Chocolate.
  2. Get a cocktail in hand and head to a rooftop to enjoy the most glorious scenes of Gold Coast.
  3. Picnic while seafood feasting at the Burleigh Heads
  4. Dine romantically at the Rick Shores
  5. Enjoy great music, food, and amazing beer at the Burleigh Brewing Company.

 Gold Coast Awaits You!

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