15 Things You Should Know Before Visiting Italy

Italy is a dream destination. Rich in culture, heritage and history – Italy, along with Greece is considered the birthplace of western civilization.

Mountains, beaches, luxurious cars, art museums, delicious cuisines, exotic wines – the country has something for everyone.

Considering a trip to Italy? Hang on!

There are certain things that you must know:

  1. Four Meal Courses

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One thing Italians love, besides pizza, is huge meal platters. Most traditional Italian restaurants serve their meals in 4 courses:

Antipasti (starters)
Primi Piatti (Initial main meal)
Second Piatti (Main Meal)
Dolce (Deserts).

If you think you can directly skip to the main meal, think again! The Italian chefs might not take it too kindly.

  1. Lively Hand Gestures

Italians are lively folk. There are a lot of hand movements in Italian culture. As a foreigner, you’ll find it quite entertaining to see how Italians compliment everything they say with crazy hand gestures.

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  1. Dress Codes at Restaurants and Churches

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You might be in for a surprise, but most upscale restaurants and almost all religious places in Italy have dress codes.

Wearing slippers and a pair of cargos? Nope, you can’t get in.

Dressing well is considered a sign of respect in the Italian culture. Most religious places will only grant you entry if you dress modestly. So, don’t forget to pack a pair of trousers and a full-sleeve shirt when you travel.

  1. Skip the Line at Tourist Places

Waiting in lines at tourist spots is awfully boring and time-consuming. You can avoid this by booking in advance, or hiring a local guide to sort it out for you.

Local guides can even help you get entry into restricted areas. Not only this, the guides can even help you find cheap flight tickets to nearby European Countries, in case that’s in your travel plans.

  1. Learn Some Phrases in Italian

While it is always good to know a few words in the local language when traveling to a new country, Italians in particular really like it when a foreigner tries to talk in their language. You don’t need to have a perfect pronunciation, even a lame attempt will be well-appreciated by the locals.

The best way to learn Italian is to mingle with locals. Come say Ciao to Italians, buy cheap flight tickets to Italy and hop on a plane.

  1. Crazy Drivers

In a recent survey, Italians ranked among the worst drivers in all of Europe. Breaking traffic signals and overtaking is common on Italian Roads. Even after decades of experience driving in the US, Italian roads are going to drive you nuts.

Here’s a friendly warning: Think twice before renting a car in Italy.

  1. Exotic Wines

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Delish wines at cheap rates and cheap flight tickets on domestic routes is Italy’s specialty. For as low as 5 Euros, you can go on wine excursions and champagne-tasting tours.

  1. No Tipping

Unlike the US, tipping is looked down on in Italy. Servers usually decline tips, and some even find it offensive.

Most Italian restaurants have a sitting charge anywhere between 1 to 5 Euros.

  1. Extreme Weather Conditions

Italy is notorious for its hot summers and extremely harsh winters. The weather conditions can be quite extreme especially during the months of June-July and December-January. So, when going to Italy, make your plans keeping the weather in mind. The ideal time to visit Italy is Spring and Autumn.

However, if you want to get cheap flight tickets – it’d be wiser to visit during June-July or December-January. But be prepared for the severe weather conditions.

  1. No Concept of Private Space

People in Italy don’t have the same idea of personal space like in the US. There’s a lot of touching, hugging and even pushing in the streets. Its all a part of the Italian way of life.

  1. You’re Bound to End up in Rome

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Rome is the biggest travel hub in Italy, no matter what City you plan to visit, all roads pass through Rome!

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  1. Mario is the Most Common Name

Nintendo’s world-famous character – Mario – has become a household character in the US. Kids, adults, even grandparents are familiar with the Italian man in the red hat. Mario is the most popular name in Italy. Don’t be surprised when you come across 5 people named in Mario in a single day!

  1. Experience Italy in Local Airlines

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Don’t have enough time? You can cut down on your travel time by opting to use Italy’s national airlines to travel across cities. You can easily get cheap flight tickets for any domestic flight within Italy, just ask your hotel staff to help you the bookings.

  1. Wi-fi at Public Places

Public Wi-fi services in Italy are still in the developmental stage. Don’t expect a stable internet connection anywhere outside your hotel, or at prominent restaurants. Better yet, get a traveler’s network card at the airport to enjoy 24/7 internet access.

  1. A Romantic Get-away

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Italy is home to world-famous Romantic locations like the Trevi Waterfall, and Romeo Juliet’s balcony in Venice. Gift your loved one cheap flight tickets to Italy, and spice up your relationship this Valentines!

Here’s the bottom line:

Italy is a crazy, lively place. Every Italian city has its own distinctive personality. Traveling to Italy, you’re sure to meet interesting people, see exciting places and have an adventure of your lifetime. Whether you wish to try some exotic Italian wine or go trekking in the mountains; the country offers it all.

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