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Things to do on a Weekend Getaway to Barcelona

If you are looking for a short weekend getaway, then Barcelona is the best place for you to explore. What makes Barcelona so incredible? Well, Barcelona wouldn’t be Barcelona without its Mediterranean nature, ancient history, and the perfect climate to experience it all in the open air. Barcelona is one of the few cities in the world that’s perfect to explore by simply strolling in the streets. Apart from this, there are several areas across the cities where you can enjoy a volleyball game or simply chuck a Frisbee along with your friends.

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  1. Explore the Sagrada Familia

south west airlinesIn case you don’t know what to do in Barcelona, begin your exciting trip here. This 1822 designed structure in the most famous historic site to visit in Barcelona. You will definitely know its worth after you visit the place and make sure to the small pond on the backside of the basilica for some of the most wonderful clicks. Visiting this masterpiece with definitely, leave you awestruck.

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  1. Feel alive in the city beaches

tickets to hawaiiFeel the sea breeze directly on your face, and let all your worries fly. Beaches are a perfect escape to de-clutter your life. They offer you the gift you with total relaxation. This sense of freshness will leave you all renewed till another holiday season. Visit Sayulita and feel the relaxed vibes, or maybe surf along the waves, and make sure to visit the cool bars around the beach. If you are vacationing with your kids then Isla’s North Beach is the perfect spot for you, its kid-friendly and offers you with all the composure you need in your holiday weekend.

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  1. Discover the Food Culture in Mexico

spirit airlines comBarcelona has an amazing food culture, and honestly, there aren’t enough meals in a day to truly explore their extensive delicacies. The very best way to experience Barcelona is through its food that will fill your tummy and your mind with literal happiness. Take an easy stroll to the Parlament Street, try their local wine along with delicious tapas. Don’t miss out on places like Federal Café for great coffee and La Donuteria for their delightful donuts on the go.

  1. Visit the Mercet De La Boqueria

skywest airlinesThe real gem of Mexico lies in the fresh market of Mercat De La Boqueria. The market is filled with a wide range of fruits, vegetables, fish and a variety of meat. This place is a must explore for meat lovers. Also, do not forget to try the Spanish meat. Apart from all this, the place is filled with a lovely crowd and is one of the best places to do fun activities in Barcelona.

  1. Try the Wine and Dine culture in Barcelona

Venture into trying the amazing wine and dine culture of Barcelona, and trust me, it’s the best nightlife experience that you can get in Barcelona. And just so you know, if you are in Barcelona then you simply cannot go wrong with their wine culture. With wine, you can also enjoy their excellent dining experience. You can visit Plaza Real and try typical Spanish food alongside a bottle of wine. What else would you even need after such a fantastic fine dining experience?

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  1. FC Barcelona- The main reason to visit Barcelona

cheap one way flightsSaving the best for the last, Barcelona is the home to one of the best football clubs in the world. If you wish to see the famous football stars in real action then just so you know, booking your tickets are pretty easy here. There is usually a huge run for tickets, so just be quick and grab your seats to enjoy the show.

The people of Barcelona are real-friendly, the food experience is out of the world, and the weather is always perfect for you to enjoy your holidays at complete peace. Start your bookings now! Alaska Airlines offers a variety of holiday packages along with cheap air tickets.

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